Songs To Serenade The Dead

and all of these spirit voices rule the night

Sing Me Anything
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This is a music community. The purpose is for people to post playlists, lists of cd's they have, music requests, music reviews, info about shows, etc. I started it so people can trade music, either online or in person with burned CD's. Things are easier if people from ABRHS join this community so they can burn CD's for each other and then trade at school, but online works too.

If you have any other ideas about what this community should do, feel free to tell me.

And.. that's all for now... yepp.

.community rules.
-be nice
-post things at least somewhat related to music
-if you have really long lists or something, lj-cut them
-pictures/icons are okay, but cut them (can leave one out for teaser-ness)
-feel free to state your opinions, but don't bash people's musical taste
-anyone can join