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sooo new layout temporarily, i was sick of looking at the stupid cherries.

i've been hearing so much about Alice In Chains lately and have only heard a few of their songs.. if someone wants to burn me some of their stuff, that'd be cool and i'd trade for something.

actually, scratch that, anyone up for a massive cd trade? like each person burn 10 cd's for everyone else or something, which would be a lot of burning but then you would end up with 30 new cd's! and we would also probably need to post what you're planning on burning so there won't be doubles. Nora and I live really close (Nora- i don't actually know where your house is but my bus stop is right after yours). so sometime when Lura was there and Ariel was at my house we could have a cd party (also my basement is filled with musical instruments, which could be fun...). sooo yes? no? maybe?
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