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music review: They Might Be Giants

So today i listened to They Might Be Giants for the first time (got their cd from the library). They're ridiculous. One of the most random and crazy bands i've heard in a while. I can't really describe what kind of music they are, they're just insane. Very goofy and fun. I recommend checking them out (or asking me to burn/send you them). They're not good if you're in the mood for real rock music you can relate to or anything like that, but good for a laugh and being cheered up. Fun band.

and here's MY music story of the day: (haha thanks ariel) i went snowboarding with my sister on saturday and this one lift was taking forever so to keep ourselves amused we played this game where you go through the alphabet and name as many bands as you can for that letter. it's surprising how hard it is to remember bands for the right letter at the time, you always remember them a few letters later and it's silly. good way to waste time when in situations of extreme boredom:)
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